The One & Only

Fisher & Donaldson Famous Fudge Doughnut

"When you visit Scotland you have to try a fudge doughnut"

It's rare in this world that people fall in love instantly but it happens in our shops every day.

The Fisher & Donaldson Fudge Doughnut commands Wikipedia pages, military movements over continents and is as yet unmatched for it's incredible taste, passionately loyal supporters and jealous admirers.

Passed Down Over Four Generations

Some families leave silverware and jewellery, but ours hands down recipes. This, the most prized, is kept in two parts in five locations.

The tried-and-tested combination of creamy fudge icing atop a light, fluffy doughnut and sweet, irresistible custard has given our fudgies a global reputation. As a result, we now get through 10 tonnes of fudge and 20 tonnes of custard every year.

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What the fudge is all the fuss about?

It has been foretold that those who are entrusted with the secret of the fudgie are descended from a powerful bloodline of pure-bread Viking bakers. Only the chosen are equipped with the weapons of the dynasty – the moderately impractical Shield of Custard and the surprisingly spiky Sword of Fudge.

*Each doughnut contains exactly 100% of your recommended daily fudge doughnut intake.