Fisher & Donaldson

Family Bakers since 1919

CuparDundeeSt. Andrews

World Famous Cakes, Breads and Exquisite Chocolates

Welcome to Fisher & Donaldson. A fifth generation family bakery based in Fife, Scotland, we're up early every morning in our state of the art bakery making you a huge range of traditional Scottish and continental treats.

Priding ourselves on quality, with a tasty range of products extending to over 400 delicious treats, we make and deliver the best in Scottish baking. From croissants and soft morning rolls to handmade Belgian chocolates and custom-made celebration cakes, there's a bake or cake for everyone's taste.

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Any Other Bread is Simply a Compromise for Your Butter

With nearly 100 years of baking under our hats our reputation sees people travel thousands of miles for a taste. Our bread makes every sandwich or piece of toast an experience, not just a snack.

The drive to perfect our craft is passed down from one generation to the next and our seal of approval from the Royal Family, proudly displayed in our bakeries, is confirmed (so we hear) by a certain very well known former St Andrews University couple.

Opulence is a Glass of Belgian Chocolate

Savoury is all well and good, but no meal is truly complete without a mouth-watering dessert. Our range of handmade Belgian chocolates is simply the perfect finale for the Fisher & Donaldson experience.

For as long as we have been bakers, we have also been master confectioners. This century of experience brings you opulent tastes and chocolate experimentation that would make Willy Wonka smile.